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The sound needs work. It's very hard to understand what the characters are saying and the second + play throughs of the video include the song over the voices.

ComicalCoAnimations responds:

Check out the youtube channel for more content!

Who made the song?

LM-Santos responds:

This song is from a random free-to-use website. I just tacked it on when the anim was done so I didn't pay attention to what site. I also don't have the file anymore.
Sorry bout that!!

Nightmare before Christmas song titled "What's This" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuWD-mSUtrU

I really like the idea of cut out animation. The filming needs a lot of work though. It's very out of focus and not enough movement to keep interest.

TailsTheMoctFox responds:

I know. Sometimes when I was 14 years old. Because I don't have enough papers to make more stuff also Thanks

I love it! Root's my girl :) Sometimes I feel so sorry for Digby. Root certainly keeps him on his toes! Technical Dave kept right up -- kudos!

Awesome music! And I love how they're noses flop up and down! Hilarious :D

Awesome! Merry Christmas :) My family's been hoping for a Christmas Root and Digby! Yay!!!!

Jerbeh responds:

Haha thats awesome! Hope you had a good Christmas!

Root and Digby is one of my favorite series on NG! I get so excited when you put a new one up :D Root's New Shoes is a family joke. We all go around saying "Awwww...they broke!" "What broke? Your shoes?" "Nope! Just my legs." And, of course, interpose other likely things that "broke" and didn't "break" as the situation calls for :D Thanks for sharing these awesome characters with us!!!!

Jerbeh responds:

Haha! Thank you! This comment made my day! :D

The voice acting is awesome but the visuals don't tell the story or draw me in. I'm going over to play the game based on the voice acting and the written description. It sounds like a great premise.

Ok, this is cute :D lol

AnnoyingHeroDeath responds:



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